Is there an expiry date on perfumes?


People tend to be vigilant when it comes to expiration dates on medicine and food. Ingesting expired medicine and food can have adverse effects. But when it comes to perfumes, can it also go bad? And what happens if you spray on expired perfumes? Can you prevent its expiration? Here we will discuss everything you need to know about how long perfume lasts, how to tell if has expired and how to store it properly.



Yes. You just have to look at the bottle or packaging for the its recommended usage. Experts say, that a perfume may last between 3-5 years. How long they last depends on the scent’s chemical composition. Perfumes with heaviest base notes last the longest, while citrus, floral and green scents last the shortest because they are lighter and evaporate more quickly. 



The most obvious way to observe is if there is a change in the scent. You can also detect expiration, when you see the color has changed into something darker. Perfumes with these conditions may cause irritation and even allergic reactions on your skin. Stop using it immediately.



If a perfume has a normal shelf life of 3-5 years, then the answer is NO. But there are some ways when you can prolong its life a bit. Do not put perfumes in direct sunlight. Make sure caps are tightly closed to prevent it from evaporating quickly.


Perfume bottles with atomizer sprays and spray tops help protect the fragrance for a longer period of time, compared to perfume bottles with cap.


If you are worried that you cannot consume the perfume in its time frame of 3-5 years or before its expiration date, and you plan to put it in different container, so your family members can share its fragrant content, STOP. Doing so exposes the liquid to air, which can both break down the composition of the perfume and accelerate the evaporation of any alcohol. If you like to hasten your perfume’s consumption, a good tip is to spray it on linen or use it as a room freshener. 


Rule of thumb: limit your perfume purchases when you have consumed what you have. Some people have accumulated a large collection of perfumes because they receive it as gifts. And we cannot do anything about it. Enjoy your perfume every single day. Make it a habit to spray on some to start your day happy. Until you reach the last drop or spray. Then it is time to go fragrant shopping again.


I bought a CK one last Aug. 10, 2020 and checked the production date using the batch no. 20017 and it was made year 2012 making it 8 years. Can i request for an exchange?

Karl Lyndon Lim August 27, 2020

Just want to ask what’s the difference bet. shelf-life and Period after opening. I have Hugo Boss and I checked the production date from a website using the batch no. I did not open/use it yet, but it’s been 3 years already from production date. Does it mean that I can still use it?

Thank you for your help.

James June 14, 2020

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